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J-ILA Japan International Language Academy


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Learn Japanese for a fulfilling future!
For those of you who think “For my future, there are things that I want to learn in Japan!”, Japan International Language Academy is here to give you the best support.
Why Japan International Language Academy?

1. A solid grasp of the Japanese language

◆We offer supplementary lessons customized for your characteristics and progress
◆In addition to class time, we also offer preparation courses for EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), and courses on business conversation and business practices to help you find a job in Japan.

2. Individualized career guidance

◆We offer career guidance
◆We offer tours of Japanese companies and universities, tours of vocational schools, and opportunity to communicate with students
◆Host matching event with companies that hire foreigners

3. Scholarship and support for living in Japan

◆Campus scholarship (need-based financial aid selected based on attendance, grades, classroom participation, and written statement)

4. Comprehensive availability for student dormitory

◆We own many student-oriented apartments near the school. We can help you find a dormitory. We also own many properties where you can share a room with others.

5. Opportunities for international communication

◆We offer ”Japanese Culture Courses” including flower arrangement and dressing
◆We offer fulfilling extracurricular activities from time to time

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Kyoto PR Video

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