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J-ILA Japan International Language Academy


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■ Class Hours(all courses)※From Monday to Friday

Morning Afternoon
Period Hours Period Hours
1 9:00~9:50 1 13:10~14:00
2 10:00~10:50 2 14:10~15:00
3 11:00~11:50 3 15:10~16:00
4 12:00~12:50 4 16:10~17:00


April ●Enrolment ceremony December ●Japanese Language Proficiency Test
●Health check-up ●Midterm Exam
●Hanami(cherry blossom viewing) ●Christmas Party
June ●Midterm Exam ●Winter holiday
●Japanese Culture Experiences February ●Japanese Culture Experiences
●Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU) ●Excursion
●Sports event March ●End of term Exam
July ●Tanabata(the Star Festival), Summer festival ●Term End, Graduation Ceremony
August ●Fireworks


●Spring holiday
●Summer holiday
September ●End of term Exam


●Japanese Culture Experiences

※The schedule might be changed from year to year.


Considering the student’s economic situation, we offer safe, economic and convenient dormitories for those who wish to move in. The dormitories are located in a safe and convenient place to commute to the school.


Property’s Name No. of Rooms Commuting time Note Rent
JILA Studio Hakodate 10 Located in the same building where the school is. 2~4 people in one room Very close to the school. You don’t have to worry about being late. Room share:25,000~35,000yen/person,
Private room(not sharing): 54,000yen
Room facilities
Shower and toilet, Kitchen, Air-conditioner, Fridge, Washing machine, Microwave, IH cooking heater, Closet, Internet connection(free Wi-Fi)
※The rent includes the utility fee(electricity, water and gas) and Internet fee.

The expenses costs when you move in: Entering fee (cost as one month rent)

※ The first 3 months’ rent must be paid together with the entrance fee.