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J-ILA Japan International Language Academy


Application form


1.When can I enter JILA?

The new semester starts in every April, July, October, January (for long-term course students). We can accept short-term course students anytime if their levels match the existing lessons.

2.When do you accept the application? What do I need to submit?

It takes almost a half year from the date the application is submitted to the time the visa is issued. Please see this page for the necessary documents to be submitted.

3.Is there an age limit?

Over 16 years old (high school student or above) for long-term course students. For short-term course, over 12 years old (junior-high school or above).

4.How many hours for lessons per day?

 Four hours per day. From 9:00AM to 12:50PM for Morning classes, and from 1:10PM to 5:00PM for Afternoon classes.

5.I’d like to know the details of lesson contents.

 We offer lessons depending on the students’ level and purpose: - For those who wish to go to higher education institution, we focus on acquiring advanced skills of Japanese language to enter university. Specifically, we mainly teach academic phrases and vocabulary which shall be necessary for the admission exam. - Lessons for improving the conversation skill for daily life. - Introduction of customs and common sense in Japan which is important to know to live and work in Japanese society. - Learn Japanese through Japanese traditional culture experience workshops and “Cool Japan”.

6.Is there a study room?

 There is a library the students may use. There is variety of books and it’s free to read. The PC in the library is also free to use.

7.Which textbook do you use?

 We use “Dekiru Nihongo” for the beginner and inter-mediate classes. The characteristic of this textbook is learning “practical language” that you can immediately use in daily conversation. Besides, the Advanced class students use textbooks which is the same level as the Japanese university students use. We also use our original materials, newspaper and videos.

8.Who and how are the teachers?

 The teachers are all native Japanese. They all are qualified teachers with vast experience in teaching Japanese.

9.Is there a course that matches my level and purpose of study?

 If you are wising to go to a higher education institution, your course shall be decided depending on your goal(go to university / Postgraduate school / Vocational school etc.,) and your Japanese language level. For the others, we will arrange appropriate course depending on your level and needs.

10.How can I prepare for going to a higher education institution?

 We offer courteous college guidance to acquire good enough Japanese language skills to pass admission examination for university etc. We decide the student’s goal at the private meeting and make a study schedule. Additionally, we offer preparing lessons for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2, N1), preparing lessons for admission exams for university as well as interview practice lessons. Besides, it is very important to collect the information regarding the university and its admission exam. We help the students to collect such information through participating college guidance fair etc.

11.Are there any scholarship available?

 We offer “JILA Scholarship”.

12.Can I work part-time?

 The foreigners living in Japan under student status can work part-time for up to 28 hours per week. However the short-term course students cannot work.


 We offer school dormitories that are run by the parent company. You can choose share room or private room. The rent includes water, gas, electricity fees and internet fee.