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J-ILA Japan International Language Academy


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JILA offers college guidance depending on the students’ goal(university, postgraduate school, vocational school)

Special features of JILA

  1. ○ Individualized college guidance by an experienced teacher

     A teacher who has vast experience in college guidance will give you advices at private meeting.

  2. ○College guidance depending on the students’ goal

     We offer courteous guidance and advices depending on the students’ goal. The students decide their goals (university, vocational school etc.,) with the teachers when the students enter our school. We make study schedule for each student to fulfill their goals.

  3. ○Variety of Special Lessons

     We offer special lessons to acquire advanced skills of Japanese language which shall be required to enter a higher education institution.

    • Lesson Examples:
      - Focusing on preparing for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU)
      - Focusing on preparing for admission examination for university
      - How-to lesson on writing an essay
      - Interview practice
       ※The students who wish to go to postgraduate school can take the lessons below:
      • - Guidance for choosing college
      • - How to contact to the university professors
      • - How to find research materials
      • - How to write a research plan document
  4. ○Plenty of opportunity to collect information

    It is very important to collect information regarding the university(or any institution you wish to go) such as study content, eligibility for admission to examination, and examination contents etc. We have plenty of data and information on university and vocational school etc. Moreover the school staff will accompany the college guidance fair so that the students can smoothly collect more information. We also hold college guidance in the school.

Individualized Schedule to fulfill your goal

The students decide their goal (University or vocational school? Which subject etc.,) with teachers and we make a study schedule to go to college for each student. The students will have learnt the basic knowledge to go to university by the beginning of “the year of graduation”(the last 1 year in our school).

The Year of Graduation(the last 1 year in JILA)
March April May June July August September October November December
College guidance
Confirm your study schedule of the last 1 year.
Guidance and cautions in choosing college.
Starting the exam preparation lessons for EJU in June.
※transportation service is available (Hakodate campus only)
Private meeting
Make final decision on choosing university
Participate in college guidance fair
College guidance in JILA campuses
Final college guidance
Check your study schedule. Final confirmation of application documents etc.
Starting the exam preparation lessons for EJU in November.
Preparation lessons depending on the contents of admission exam
Interview practice, practice in writing essays
※transportation service is available (Hakodate campus only)

※Private meeting is always available.